Marcus Whitman Chapter - Frontiersman Camping Fellowship

Serving the Northwest Ministry Network of Washington & Northern Idaho

Chapter Staff


Jeff King                           

Description: Jeff King

Double Eagle

FCF Chapter President

Trade: Bowyer

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: 407 - Passion Worship Center

Year Joined: Joined FCF in 1993

Significance of Name: I was named by my sponsor, Potter (Dale Stol). At the time I played a pretty mean game of golf so the name originated with that skill, and the double meaning of Isaiah 40:31.

History: I was a Royal Ranger as a boy in Redmond, Oregon with my dad and a few other of my heroes as my commanders. I took the first part of leadership training during a summer home from college and finished up my training a few years later in the Tacoma section. At that time I was the Buckaroo commander for Calvary Temple, Auburn (now known as Northwest Family Church). I led all the groups over the next several years and was senior commander as well. The main reason I joined FCF was because we had no other members in our outpost to sponsor boys - not a great reason, but God instilled a love for the brotherhood we have once I got involved. Shortly after joining I moved to Colorado for a couple of years, and upon my return plugged back in, earned my Buckskin in 2001 and Wilderness in 2003. I served Straight Nailer (Randy Wright) as Historian for a couple of years and Vice President for many years. My passion and mission is to continue to mold FCF into a brotherhood that supports the overall Ranger mission of mentoring young men!



Ken Lobe

Strong Tree

FCF Chapter Vice President

Trade: Apothecary

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: #168, Warm Beach Community Church,  Stanwood, WA

Year Joined:

Significance of Name:




Austin Franklin

Little Bear

Division Scout / Chapter Scout / National Scout

Trade: Leather craft

Advancement Level:  Wilderness

Outpost/Church: #168, Warm Beach Community Church, Stanwood, WA

Year Joined: 2008

Significance of Name:  Austin was named by Barry Hollmer.  There is an awesome story behind his name that Barry enjoys sharing when he has the chance.  Ask him next time when you see him !!

History:  Austin has been fortunate to have participated in Royal Rangers from a very young age.  He is a great example of how this ministry can be a foundational part of a young man's life.  Austin earned his Gold Medal of Achievement in April 2011. Was elected Chapter Scout in June 2011 at the Marcus Whitman Trace.  Attended his first Territorial Rendezvous in July 2011 and was elected the Northwest Regional National Scout.  Austin is looked up to from the boys in his Outpost, Division and District as a great role model and an awesome friend.


 Ben E FCF

Ben Edstrom

Singing River

Chapter Chaplain

Trade: Knife Crafter

Advancement Level: Buckskin


Year Joined:

Significance of Name:




Larry Norris Jr

Two Bears

Chapter Scribe

Trade: Leather craft, Bead Work, Ice Cream

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: #168, Warm Beach Community Church, Stanwood, WA

Year Joined: 2009

Significance of Name: Was named by Brother Bear, Cmdr Barry Hollmer. Inspired by Divisional Cmdr Ron Large's reference that both Cmdr Larry & Cmdr Barry were like Saul & Barnabas in Acts 11:22-27, being sent to teach others and see other's (boys) come to know Christ.

History: I grew up in Royal Rangers in Oregon as a boy. I was asked by our prior Sr. Cmdr to get involved at Warm Beach Comm. Church Outpost for "Special Events" to help out.

When my son joined Royal Rangers as a Ranger Kid I got more involved again. Decided to take Ranger Basics to be an effective helper/leader. Joined as Lt. Commander, Completed NTC (Sep. 08)  Finished the Leadership Medal of Achievement (Nov. 08), completed Certified Instructor (Jan 10)  Completed Training Academy (LEAD 2011)  Completed Wilderness Vigil (July 2011) with a great bunch of fellow Rangers from the Northwest Region & N. Cal/Nevada District.

Barry Hollmer

Brother Bear

Chapter Company Clerk

Trade: Leather craft, Weaving, Ice Cream

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: #168, Warm Beach Community Church, Stanwood, WA

Year Joined: 2006

Significance of Name: The Name "Brother Bear" was given to me by Strong Builder ( Matt Lickey ). My name signifies the relationship I have with Little Bear (Austin), since I've known him all his life. Other Commanders saw my relationship as more of a Big Brother since I am not Austin's dad.

We are always at Ranger events together.

History: I started out helping in Rangers about 2002 with Austin building a pinewood derby car. I became a commander in 2004, which was also our first Parley and Ranger Camp. The rest is history!

Rick Kilbourn


Chapter Aide de Camp

Trade: currently Blacksmith .. More out of curiosity and need then Burning desire

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: #22 Mount Rainier Christian Center, Enumclaw WA

Year Joined: I have been in FCF all my life but I didn't join until 2005

Significance of Name: Nehemiah was given to me impromptu at ranger camp set up by Dean Kimber (my surrogate FCF sponsor) I have retained the the original scripture given to me by Reggie Wood Isaiah 6:8 "Lord .. Send ME !" Send Me was my original Name but it never stuck

Noteworthy: I don't enjoy responsibility but I do enjoy helping those in leadership figure out how to make it happen.

Don Coplin

Little Crow

Chapter Wilderness Rep

Trade: Beadwork, chokers, necklaces, leatherwork

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: #2, Sound Life Church, Tacoma WA

Year Joined: 1972

Significance of Name: Named by my Dad, Don Coplin, who was Crow and he named me Little Crow, because even though I was bigger than him, he was still my Dad and I needed to always respect him.

History: GMA (1976), Medal of Valor (1975), seeing boys come to Christ and grow in their relationship with the Lord.


FCF Flame

Gary Lambert

Smiling Bear

Chapter Buckskin Rep

Trade: Leathercraft, Woodcraft, Storytelling

Advancement Level: Wilderness


Year Joined:

Significance of Name:




Bill Aho

Yankee Circuit Rider

Family Camp Coordinator

Trade: Stumpin' (preaching from any available place to every open ear)

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: #404 Plain Community Church.

Year Joined: 1989

Significance of Name: The handle "Hanky Yankee" was stuck on me at call-out at Koinoneia in 89. While sitting on a log in my class B before the council fire, I noticed pitch on the log. To protect my uniform, I pulled out my hanky and laid it in protective position between my rump and the pitch. I was one step too late. Pitch on my uniform stuck the hanky to my back pocket. When I proudly walked forward, my "hanky flag" waved proudly to the crowd and my sponsor Mike Stockton.

The title "Hanky" is a corruption of the name Yangtze, an alternate name for that major Chinese river. The Chinese name for the Yangtze River is Chang Jiang, the name I adopted while serving in China from 1991 to 2006. Thus: Hanky Yankee.

Yankee Circuit Rider is a humble attempt to mule my ministry to that noble train of dedicated backwoods preachers who helped evangelize and civilize the frontier of the trapper era.


Dean Kimber - Lightfoot 

Dean Kimber


Chapter Historian

Trade: Capote Maker / Beadwork

Advancement Level: Wilderness

Outpost/Church: 16 / Calvary Christian Assembly

Year Joined:

Significance of Name: It's a great story on how he got his name! Ask him, he loves to share it!


Dean grew up in Longview, WA attending Columbia Heights Assembly of God. He graduated cum laude from Northwest University, Kirkland in 1977 receiving his Bachelor's Degree, and then served 13 years as a Children's pastor. Since then, he has continued as a volunteer in church activities and every year serving as a staff member at the NW Ranger Camp. In all, he has been involved in Christian ministry for over 30 years.

As a boy, Dean enjoyed Boy Scouts achieving Star rank, and earning two of the prestigious "50 Miler" Awards for wilderness backpacking. In high school he was a 3 sport letterman. As a young adult served as Youth Camp counselor and sports director at numerous Youth camps.

Currently, Dean lives in Shoreline attending Calvary Christian Assembly in Seattle. He is married to Theresa Kimber and has 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren.

Gabriel Van Kempen

Go pher It!

Frontier Adventure Coordinator

Trade: Leathercraft, Trader

Advancement Level: Buckskin


Year Joined:

Significance of Name:


Gabe was born and raised in a Pentecostal family, having had the pleasure of serving with them as a missionary overseas in Western Europe. Gabe spent 15 years doing investments in various financial groups and 20 additional years in the health services industry, concurrently volunteering as an instructor/leader in Boy Scouts of America.

Gabe attended Sound Life Church in Tacoma where he has spent the 5 years in ministry to men and boys through their local discipleship and mentoring program.